“I would like to thank Debbie Almond and her team for the phenomenal work they do at RealMe.
My son started there during his first year of high school and progressed through the Cambridge curriculum one step at a time, working at a steady pace that suited him best. He also received unwavering love and guidance from Debbie and Gareth.
During his journey, he not only gained a top-class education, but has grown into an emotionally mature young man equipped with the life skills he needs to face the bright future he has ahead of him.
RealMe Training Consulting approaches education differently, treating each child as an individual and encouraging their strengths holistically, creatively and academically.
I can highly recommend Debbie and this wonderful centre without hesitation!”

Andrea Roberts: Parent

“Throughout Jason’s school career, he has struggled to conform to the mainstream educational system, with many challenging years, we finally managed to find an educational environment where Jason could learn in a way that promoted self-discipline and encouraged his individuality, and at the same time, nurtured his unique qualities. At Realme, he had the “space” within the boundaries to learn and grow. For Jason, the mainstream way of teaching did not appeal to him as he believed that the “system” was wrong, however, he understood at Realme that in order to move ahead in life, an education was vitally important as a foundation.
At Realme, Jason had the opportunity to learn real life lessons. Children are encouraged to take responsibility and accountability for their own choices and actions. Nowhere is this taught in a way that a child can experience it for themselves, yet at Realme, Jason was able to do all of this.
I am exceptionally grateful to Realme for facilitating the maturity of Jason into a wonderful balanced individual. He had the support of Debbie and Gareth, who mentored him and guided him, through many challenging periods – which would not have been accepted in the mainstream institutions. He was valued and loved for his individuality, and at the same time, was given the structure and discipline to achieve his goals.
I have no doubt that Realme Training Consulting will buck the conventional educational system. Realme promotes an environment where children are provided with a solid foundation, not only in education, but also in life skills, so that when they leave, they are better prepared for the real world.”

Cherie Stewart

The place?
Being a learner at Realme Training Consulting was such an extensive journey – I would go as far as to say life changing. The open, mindfulness of everyone has this relaxed and placid tone that creates a tranquil environment. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the most random, fun and crazy things can happen within a normal day and you may just have to go with it, but that becomes part of what you love about this place.

The people?

All so different, yet they all share the common thread of being good. No one wants to do something wrong and when people do, it generally gets solved very quickly and things get back to normal within a moment’s notice. Everyone is super chilled and I met my best friends here.

The Work?

Work isn’t difficult if you put the time in. Trust me, I was a learner at Realme. The only reason you would fall behind is if you make an active decision not to work. The programmes from Realme plan your year out for you – you just have to stick to that schedule. Quite simple, quite easy. Tutors are a big help but the general classroom is also like one big learning group – all fighting for one answer while learning so much. The Cambridge qualification is also amazing!

The facilitators?

Debbie is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Debbie is a crazy worker and works from twelve to twelve! The reason I could stay on track was because of her programmes and her ability to calm me down. Debbie is beyond smart and always willing to help – key traits for someone who had to facilitate in my opinion. Amazing people and an amazing place!

Rory Almond: Former learner at Realme