Deborah Almond, Realme Training Consulting Facilitator, is passionate about helping teenagers to discover themselves through education on an emotional, academic and spiritual level.
When Debbie left Matric, she wanted to teach but didn’t have university entrance so she went on to become a bookkeeper. As time passed, she realised she wanted more in her life than bookkeeping. She embarked on a seven-year journey to reveal the meaning of life, and during that time, she interacted with a number of teenagers.
Debbie helped out at a primary school as a volunteer teacher and has certificates in metaphysics and logotherapy – which is therapy founded upon the belief that striving to find meaning in life is the most powerful driving force in humans. While studying logotherapy, Debbie always had one question in mind: “How do I help children when they are placed in a situation they are not in control of?”

Victor Frankl’s quote, “everything can be taken from man but the last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances, to choose one’s way”. The answer Debbie was looking for was ATTITUDE. Debbie based her research on the meaning of attitude in teenagers and was surprised at how many teenagers’ perceptions of attitude were negative. During her logotherapy studies at UNISA, Debbie developed the C.A.R Workshop for which she received a distinction.

Debbie specialised in working with children on a metaphysical level and introducing them to the C.A.R Workshop, and this is when she realised that children need continuous daily support when facing the struggles of being a teenager. That’s when she decided to launch a training centre to offer support for teenagers in all areas of their lives. Realme Training Consulting opened in 2010.
Debbie’s ultimate vision is to create a teenage training centre that is meaningful and purposeful – where learners can come each day to explore their academics and develop their identities in a positive and supportive environment. The centre gives them the freedom to be the best versions of themselves.
Debbie’s own son, Rory, did his high school career through the Realme centre. He is now studying sound engineering and loves it. He has found his calling, thanks to the support and inspiration he received from the Realme centre in his teenage years!

“I want to shape Realme centre in a way that embodies the atmosphere of the modern Google work environment, which fosters learners’ creativity and inspires them to reach new heights,” says Debbie.
“I encourage the learners to express themselves. I listen to them. I have a lot of patience, empathy, and love for these teenagers. For me, this is my calling – it’s my life and I love it! I am a visionary and a mentor, and I’m caring, lovable, fun and crazy.”
“I believe that they have so much to offer the world and if nurtured correctly, they have the ability to make the world a better place. We just need to learn to listen and let them explore in a way that they feel is right for them. We give them a collaborative environment where they can choose their academic direction and hold their own truth” finishes Debbie.
Debbie’s dream is to meet like-minded people who are determined to change education, and join together to build a new generation of teenagers that will make the world a better place.