A teenage training centre with a difference!

Our Goals:

  • To make education meaningful and purposeful for the 21st Century.
  • To inspire teenagers to discover and hold their own truth.
  • To encourage learners to achieve a Matric equivalent and acquire a skill.

At Realme Training Consulting, we realise that times have changed and the world is evolving at a rapid speed. The world is undergoing the 4th Industrial Revolution – the digital revolution. A technological transformation is taking place that is blurring the boundaries of the physical, biological and digital spheres
Change is always inevitable and in order to keep up with the times we must be open to it. Home Schooling or Distance Learning Education is fast becoming parents’ first choice to educate their children. Home schooling and Distance Learning is providing 21st century skills development and capacity building for a future workforce and for jobs that don’t yet exist. At Realme, we are instilling our learners with the foundation skills needed for the job requirements of today and for the workforce of the future.

Realme is a training centre that helps guide learners to know what it means to be responsible for one’s own education. Each person has a unique way of learning, which is why we tailor a personalised learning method to suit each learners’ style, and personal needs.

We also offer a solution to a very real problem in South Africa – a solution that many traditional education institutions cannot provide.

The Problem

South African youth are experiencing an enormous challenge. As of June 2018, the country’s unemployment rate is 27.7%, and a scary 38.6% of young people under the age of 35 are currently unemployed. In South Africa; our digital competitiveness is ranked at 49th out of 63 economies and with the digital revolution developing at a rapid speed, we need to seriously address what is needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for our youth to be more employable for the future.

The Solution

As a result, skills development programmes are on the rise as these innovative initiatives pose smart solutions to the youth unemployment problem by helping young people attain internationally recognised skills while achieving practical work experience at the same time.
Here, at Realme, we believe that by achieving a Matric and acquiring a skill, learners become more employable for the future or can even pursue ventures of their own as entrepreneurs!

In the 21st Century, learners need to be equipped to enter into the digital workforce, which is why Realme Training Consulting integrates digital skill-based learning in addition to academics to provide for more opportunities in the future. The purpose of education is to awaken and support the uniqueness of each learner, and to infuse their functional personalities with creative vitality and wisdom.

We offer learners an International Accredited Curriculum that gains them acceptance to Universities worldwide and 21st century skill-based learning. Learners receive the best of both worlds. While doing their academics, they can also pursue additional skill-based subjects. The international curriculum allows flexibility for the learners to be able to work at a pace that suits them. We refer all our learners to an accredited Cambridge international examination centre – where they write their exams and walk away with an internationally recognised Matric equivalent.


Join the new era of learners.