Realme believes that our training centre’s fee structure gives us an edge over other Distance Learning and home schooling facilities.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of R3000.00 shall be payable to Realme Training Consulting. This registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances whatsoever, unless an applicant is not eligible for admission.

Academic Fees

Tutorial Fees are R4100.00 per month payable in advance, by the 28th of the month. Please note that interest will be charged on overdue accounts at the highest permitted rate at that time. Learners will be suspended for late payment. Tutorial fees are subject to an annual increase, effective in January of each year.

The following additional costs are NOT included in the Educational Facilitation Centre fees:

  • Workbooks and stationery,
  • Laptops,
  • Tours and outings,
  • STEAM Materials
  • Minecraft Education Edition licence fee (R342.00 per year),
  • Virtual Reality content,
  • Exam fees are paid separately at the time of entry for Cambridge Learners,
  • Cambridge textbooks (depending on the subjects, the textbooks cost between R 650.00 to 1500.00 per subject).

Music Fees

Guitar, piano, drums and singing may be done as an additional subject. Learners take the exam at an accredited centre called Rock School. For more information about costs, please contact the office.